A ghost story from Mexico

by , April 15, 2016 in Latest Arrivals

We’ve written before about spooky destinations and here’s another story of how, sometimes, our fearless photographers have to put it all on the line to get great photos.

Dale, one of our photographers, who is currently shooting in Central Mexico, sent us back some photos of a mine in Zacatecas. This place has a pretty freaky backstory.

Here’s how Dale tells the tale:

“I’ve never heard as many ghost stories in all my life as I’ve heard here in Mexico the past few weeks. Every town has a few local resident ghosts and this mine in Zacatecas we went down was no exception.

Most of the guides have seen ghosts of some kind. According to local legend, there’s a photo going around of a tourist who took a selfie and discovered that there was a weird old man in the background holding a crying baby. It freaks me out even typing this! *shudder*”

Take a good look at the photos and see if you can see anything out of the ordinary.

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