Our intrepid photographer Jon visits Brisbane

by , February 3, 2016 in Archive

Jon Reid has been shooting photos and videos for Tourism Media and Expedia since 2012. He’s captured everything from the world’s greatest cities to remote national parks and has visited most continents.

The talented South African photographer is based in London, but because his work takes him all over the world, he’s hardly ever there. As a young father, Jon has found the ideal solution to combine all the loves of his life: Whenever he can, he is taking his partner and two toddlers with him.

Having worked so closely together for years and having seen his travel pictures (and selfies!) in our inboxes on an almost weekly basis, we all felt that we knew Jon, but few of us had ever actually met him.

So, when he was on holiday in Australia with his family, we invited them to our weekly Friday barbecue. Jon and Tina, with three-year-old Caleb and one-year-old Aliyah in tow, had just come back from a trip to Bundaberg, Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach. They were impressed with how easy it is to spot Australia’s iconic wildlife and also commented on how friendly and laid-back the Aussies are. One guest house owner even lent them her own 4WD to get the best pictures of the different coloured sand layers of the aptly named Rainbow Beach.

During lunch, Jon immediately started asking about where to get the best shots of Brisbane. Since he had just arrived and this was his holiday, we must have looked bewildered. Tina explained: “That’s how it usually goes. As soon as we get to a new place, Jon wants to go out and capture it.”

Testing the new Sony A7R II

Jon generously offered to share his knowledge with some of the budding photographers and videographers at Tourism Media. Our digital photo & video expert Sawyer drove him to one of Brisbane’s most famous views: the location where all the news channels go to broadcast live presentations from Queensland’s capital. From the Kangaroo Point cliffs, you can see the Brisbane River and the botanical gardens against the backdrop of the city skyline.

In order to establish if we can upgrade to higher-resolution 4K shoots in the near future, Jon was testing a new Sony A7R II, using a slider and several filters to capture the sunset on this stormy Saturday. While he is impressed by the cameras dynamic range, he’s reserving his verdict until he has tested it on everything from the finer details of museum exhibits to panoramic nature shots. We’ll keep you posted where his next photo and video shoot will bring him and reveal his final product review…

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