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by , May 13, 2016 in News From HQ

Here at Tourism Media we love meat. Our fearless leaders were keen adherents to the Paleo diet long before it became a movement. At lunch, three times each week, the succulent scent of the Tourism Media barbecue wafts on the Brisbane breeze into the surrounding streets of Red Hill. We’re also partial to beef jerky. So partial in fact, that our website developer, Matty, is occasionally relieved from his desk duties and is instead sent to the kitchen, where he prepares jerky using our in-house dehydrator.

It looks, however, like Matty’s days with the TM dehydrator are over. After a recent dinner at my favourite Vietnamese restaurant, I spied some tubs of home-made looking beef jerky for sale near the register. I grabbed a couple of tubs, thinking, how bad can it be? On the drive home I decided to sample a piece, and by the time I pulled into my driveway 15 minutes later, I’d devoured the entire 200 grams.

The next day I drove back across town for more, returning to ‘The Paleo Palace’ (as my girlfriend refers to Tourism Media) like a man who’d discovered the Holy Grail of jerky. Reverently it was chopped into smaller pieces and passed around the office like communion wafers. 30 minutes later an order was placed for seven kilos of Kims’ Jerky.

Scottish born David, and his Vietnamese wife, Thuy Pham, have been making bò khô (Vietnamese jerky) for twenty years. Bò khô is basically sliced and dried topside beef, seasoned with garlic, lemongrass, curry and sugar, but the taste is unlike any jerky you’ll find in your local supermarket or deli. As jerky aficionado and Tourism Media Technical Lead, Terry, exclaimed between chews, Kims’ Jerky is “next level”.

Today, David hand delivered our first order, and regaled us with stories of his jerky exploits. Since then, the office has been rather quiet, with just the soft sound of chewing and the odd “mmmmm, gooood” emanating from workstations. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of David, and hopefully he’ll bring in Thuy Pham, for a visit too. These two are onto a jerky winner, but just don’t tell anyone!

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