In Rohan’s World, Safety Comes First.

by , October 9, 2015 in Archive
Rohan Trundle
Rohan Trundle
It’d be easy to think our photographers just land in exotic destinations and hit the ground clicking. If only life at Tourism Media was that simple! 
Media Production Manager, Rohan Trundle, spends days, often weeks, securing permissions, permits and insurance for our shooters, as well as arranging local guides and minders in regions where personal security may be an issue.
Only this morning an audible sigh emanated from Roh’s office as he finally secured permission to shoot in a North American city. Roh tallied up 34 emails, filled in 11 separate documents, made 4 international calls, and punched out innumerable SMS’s, all for a one-day permit! 
In an increasingly litigious world, Roh says permit requirements essentially boil down to risk management and public liability concerns. However, public safety is not Roh’s only forte, he’s also a stickler for safety in the workplace. Sometimes mocked for his collection of high visibility vests, fire retardants, and sundry health and safety accoutrements, nevertheless, Roh’s name is the first one shouted when the lunchtime barbecue is engulfed in a fat fire. 
Roh came to Tourism Media with impressive credentials. As a lighting production manager he lit up the Sydney Harbour Bridge for eight consecutive New Year celebrations and the Opera House for a number of special occasions. He also put the sparkle into the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2000 Olympics. Today, he helps Tourism Media light up our client’s websites with amazing images and video from all over the world. And, he keeps us all safe!
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