Our intrepid photographer in India waiting for an elephant

Travel Photography

Tourism Media – World leaders in Travel Photography, Travel Writing and Travel Videos.

Our team of media producers and travel photographers scour the world in search of the best travel photos and travel videos.

From the sweeping majesty of ancient ruins and primordial forests, to those one-off moments in far-flung cities and street parades, our photographers are capturing the true heart of the world’s special places, each and every day.

The process of image and video content creation begins with our Media Production Team. This team works closely with our key stakeholders, including Expedia, Regional Tourism Bodies (RTOs) and local Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVBs) to decide where our photographers go and what they’ll shoot while they are there. Team members also individually case-manage travel logistics and wade through the myriad of permits, contacts and timings required for such a project.

Our photographers are then destination-matched and briefed thoroughly. Photographic assignments can be as short as 1 day, or as long as 3 months. Our award-winning lensmen and women are highly skilled at capturing everything from grand-scale, epic-defining scenes, to life’s most intimate and fleeting moments.

Once the shoot is finished, our Digital Experts get to work.

Our editorial team selects, edits and grades the best photos from the thousands we receive, then publishes them via our custom Content Management System, affectionately known as Gearbox.

Each image is matched to its destination and text information before it feeds into the daily publishing schedule and into the thousands of webpages we manage.

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