Collecting data from public domains is simple, collecting it from personal experiences requires an entirely new tool.

Tourism Media created Accelerator to collect rich, targeted data directly from specific sources at scale. Whether it’s Park Rangers in the USA, or restaurant managers around the world, Accelerator allows us to tap into the knowledge of experts, ensuring our data is accurate; data which may not be readily available via third party databases or from the public domain.

Accelerator allows users to simply build customised online forms to collect information. Each can be accessed via a url that can be sent to specific email addresses or shared. The application has multiple levels of privacy settings allowing the form to be customised for single user, group, or public accessibility. We’ve even embedded Accelerator forms into web pages to run a large, scaled UEFA football competition open to several European countries!

The data collected via an Accelerator form is structured from the top down allowing for easy integration to our CMS or other databases. It supports all of the usual input forms including radio buttons, checkboxes and free form text, as well as supporting multiple file types.

Accelerator contains its own internal database and is designed to transfer data to and from external databases.