Natural Language Generation – your key to generating millions of pages of human-friendly, highly optimised text at truly breathtaking speed.

Automated content is one of Tourism Media’s most powerful services. In a perfect world, we’d all love to have custom content on every page of our website, but when the job is simply too big, our automated content solution, Enigma, is the next best thing. And with the right data, it’s near impossible to tell the difference. 

Enigma is a high-quality, in-house, natural-language-generation text creation solution that combines human writing, datasets and proprietary software to produce text at scale. This service is best suited to larger enterprises, or those with an extensive and variable-product inventory. 

Enigma produces content in a fraction of the time it would take to write by hand. Drawing on hundreds of thousands of data points using our metadata service and integrating them with various APIs, Enigma content is unique, relevant and informative – and most importantly, feels custom.  

Our automated content service also provides powerful SEO and UX value. Populating pages with relevant, human-feeling text is a proven way to improve both page rankings and the on-page user experience, meaning your web pages reach a larger audience, and your audience has a more satisfying experience. 

If you would like to learn more about our automated content solutions, check out Enigma or contact us; we’d be happy to run you through some case studies. Got a smaller project, or interested in a combination of automated and hand-crafted content? Check out our custom content production services. Either way, the days of boring text and boilerplate are over!