Hear from our post-production teammate on his transition from behind the camera to behind the screen. 

One of our latest recruits to the post-production editing team, Nick Moore, previously worked as an on-set production camera technician. He describes his transition from behind the camera to in the post-production suite as a vital move for his career in film. He brings to the team an important link in understanding camera and imaging technology and helps the media department stay up to date with all things cinematography related. Here’s what Nick had to say about his transition into post: 

After spending years working as a camera technician in the world of digital cinematography, I was very fortunate to learn and understand principles that relate to image acquisition, software and camera practicality. I was lucky to build my knowledge base on a wide range of productions – including AAA feature films (Pirates of the Carribean 5, Thor: Ragnarok, Aquaman, Kong Vs. Godzilla), commercials, television series’, documentaries and music videos, all of which demanded their own set of requirements and technical proficiency.

Early on, I learned that building a solid rapport between the camera team and other departments was always key to a successful run on those productions. Most important was the relationship I developed with the post-production teams. Through constant liaison, I gained important insight into how the post-production world works and the processes that are in place to handle rushes, general editing, colour grading and data management. 

When you’re wrangling data on set, you quickly learn how critical it is to have effective communication with the post team, mainly those that work within dailies. This experience gave me a holistic understanding of camera tech and post-production systems, which allowed for a much steadier jump to working off-set and in post for Tourism Media. My co-editors at TM, Matthew Sawyer and Matt Officen, have provided a wealth of knowledge from an editing-perspective and due to my time as a technician, I’m pleased to bring to the team my understanding of camera technology, monitoring and imaging. This pertains mostly to data wrangling and management, camera construction and new technology as well as researching agnostic software. At TM, we’re always looking for ways to streamline processes and through my experience with data wrangling on-set, I’ve migrated the team from root level OS copies to using ShotPut Pro, my preferred program to offload different types of data.

Post-production and camera technology are showing more and more amalgamation potential. We’re especially seeing this with media giants like Red Cinema and Black Magic encouraging use of their camera hardware as well as their editing software. An integral part of working within the post team at Tourism Media is the thorough research needed when selecting camera bodies for our photographers. They need to meet a strict set of criteria including appropriation of sensor, capability under temperature duress, weight and video options – this is because our shooters need to capture both stills and video. Along with colleague Matt Officen, who is also a commercial photographer, we are able to join skill sets to find what is ultimately the best solution for all things camera related. 

We are fortunate to have a distinct range of skills within our media team. These skills act like a swiss army knife – ranging from commercial photography, camera assisting, corporate editing and visual effect design. This has resulted in a robust and agile department and I’m proud to be bringing my own industry experience to the mix.  


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