1. a person or thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand.


No word in the English language could better describe one of the most successful aspects of Tourism Media. Enigma is a sophisticated, proprietary system that generates enormous amounts of informative, factually correct and SEO-friendly web content.

The brainchild of Tourism Media directors Matt Cassidy and Nick Joy, Enigma is deployed in situations where there are thousands, or in many cases hundreds of thousands, of pages of content required for destinations around particular subjects, and often in more than 20 languages. Writing this content by hand could cost tens of millions of dollars and take many years. Enigma works on combining handwritten copy with well-structured data and several secret ingredients to produce unique, engaging, scaled text. The fact that search engines rate original, relevant and informative content above all else, meant there was an opportunity waiting to be seized. 

Many a long day and night were spent devising solutions to the seemingly infinite number of hurdles we kept finding ourselves up against,” explains Matt. Nick adds, “but we were positive we were onto something very big, so we found a way around, through or over each and every challenge and the result is something we are extremely proud of.”

How it works…

Step One.

This step involves our team of talented writers. Taking into account a very specific set of parameters, their engaging handcrafted travel copy undergoes no less than six levels of editing to ensure the content is creative, natural-sounding and error-free.

Step Two.

It was clear from the very beginning that the best copy in the world is next to worthless without accurate real-world data to support it. This is especially true when it comes to boosting SEO rankings. That’s where our metadata team comes in. Their job is to ensure that all the data pulled into our copy is correct, and seek out new data in a constant bid to improve quality.

Step Three.

This is where the real magic happens. That’s when our highly specialised development team unleashes Enigma onto the writing. Enigma’s Project Manager, Kathy, describes the process perfectly, “Really, it’s a collision of the two teams — creativity meets technical. There’s a surprising amount of methodology and technical elements in the creative process and vice versa.”

The end result is one of the world’s most sophisticated automated content creators. As a testament to its mammoth potential and measurable effectiveness, one of the world’s largest online travel companies now employs Enigma content across millions of pages. Enigma has helped them keep competitive in search engine results across more than 30 markets worldwide.

Further to this, just last year the team was proud to announce that Enigma brought home the 2020 Neo4j Graphie Award in the category of Graphs for Intelligent Content Curation. A great honour and well-deserved acknowledgment of the power of good quality scaled content. 

So, there you have it. Enigma. The love child of a few entrepreneurial (and relentless!) left and right-brainers who just couldn’t let go of a big idea.