Jon, one of Tourism Media’s photographers is currently filming in Cape Town and sent back these stunning photos.

Jon has been struck by Cape Town’s natural beauty, as well as the contrasts it presents.

“One of the things I’ve loved is the age contrasts”, he says. “Different ages seem to be fused different ages together here. For example, I’m currently  on a wine farm that dates back to the 17th century. It is full of antiques and heritage buildings. At the same time, it is totally modern, with edgy art, trendy foods.”

Cape Town is also known for its stunning beauty with its backdrop of mountains.

“Even though I’ve visited Cape Town before, I was surprised by how many mountains there are. It is easy to forget that there is more than just Table Mountain.

One of the places I photographed Table Mountain from was Robben Island and I realised that I was standing on a Unesco World Heritage site, while I was photographing another UNESCO site, which also happens to be one of the New Wonders of the World.

It is a terrific city to visit as a photographer. The sea water is very cold in Cape Town, but the air temperate is Mediterranean. The combination of both means that conditions are often atmospheric with sea mist and clouds rolling over the mountains making it unbelievably picturesque.”

Jon also enjoyed his visit to Robben Island. “It has these massive guns on it which were donated by the uk to help SA against the Germans in WWII (Namibia next door was German). In true laid back form, the guns were installed and ready for war, in 1947, a mere two years after the war.”

I’m moving on to the wine areas today and I’m already blown away!