Last year we sent cameraman, Jon Reid, to shoot his ol’ stomping ground, Cape Town. The assignment came after a year or two of hint dropping. Whenever we gushed over his latest shots from some fabulous destination, he’d often reply, “when you guys let me shoot Cape Town, then you’ll see some truly amazing shots!”

So last year we acquiesced and Jon flew off from his London base for a three-week shoot along South Africa’s Southern Cape. Now, the folks here at the Tourism Media office are extremely well travelled, but no one in our Brisbane office had ever visited Cape Town. While we’d heard murmurs about the beauty of South Africa’s “Mother City,” Cape Town had been a bit of a blind spot for us.

We spend our days editing photographs and video from some of the world’s most picturesque destinations, but when we received Jon’s Cape Town files our jaws hit the floor. Not only were the shots spectacular, Jon returned with three times as much footage as usual. The man mustn’t have slept!

Despite our best efforts to cull the shots and limit the video to the usual eight- to ten-minute run-time, our production team were so seduced by both the colours and stories of Cape Town, they decided to let this one run out to almost twenty minutes. So here it is, our longest video ever. We hope you’ll be as inspired by the richness and rhythms of Cape Town as we were.

Jon was right; this one will be hard to top!