Cuba may be very close to Florida, but it’s a mighty long way from the Brisbane home of our Australian camera guy, Ian. Other than images of classic American automobiles, Che Guevara t-shirts, fat cigars and the faded pastels of Havana, our intrepid Aussie lensman had few preconceptions prior to his shoot late last year.

What struck Ian during his journey was the incredible depth and diversity of Cuba’s history, people and landscapes. It seemed that every bend offered up a new surprise, a new story and a new adventure. There was a lightness and freshness too. Strolling through the advertisement and franchise-free streets, where the locals strode with heads held high, unbowed to smartphones, Ian couldn’t help but feel refreshed with this escape from his own reality.

Perhaps it was this lack of 21st-century ‘noise’ that made the people Ian encountered so accessible. “What touched me most”, said Ian, “was the incredible generosity and kindness of the people, particularly in the countryside. The people often don’t have a lot in materially, but what they give freely is their time, which this shoot reminded me is one of the most precious commodities of all”.
So put your feet up for a few minutes, maybe make yourself a mojito and spend a little quality time with us in Cuba.