Our team of professional photographers are amongst the best in the world.

It’s not an easy job and sometimes, things go wrong.

From tripods being confiscated in Moscow’s Red Square to taxis breaking down in the middle of Rajasthan, they have to be on the move constantly and ready to deal with whatever comes their way.

But, no matter where we send them and no matter what difficulties they have to deal with, each and every one of them invariably  produces spectacular images that manage to capture the magic of the location.

But no one can be professional all the time.

Sometimes the very best thing to do is to goof off…

An unofficial competition has sprung up between 2 of our cameramen as to who can take the best selfies.

So far, general consensus in the office is that Jon (who has done some great work with us including our amazing Moscow and St Petersburg footage) is hands down the winner.

Entries are still coming in but just check out round one…