When we released our Iceland travel guide video in late 2015, we knew it was special. What we didn’t realise, was the enormous impact it would have on Expedia’s community of adventurers and explorers.

Within hours of its release, this video was met with overwhelming praise from our YouTube community and in the first month alone, was watched by over 30,000 people. (Collectively in that time 122 days of awesome Icelandic scenery were watched.)

A little over a year later, the video has now broken the million views mark and is quickly rising to be the most popular video across Expedia’s channel. (Collectively people have now watched it for over 4,183 days.)

We love it when our videos are popular, but we love it even more  when it inpires people to discover new parts of the world, they might never have thought about.

Here are just a few of the comments the video has received:

“I’m in Iceland now – and it’s because I watched your video…”

“Ok – that’s it. I’m going to Iceland.” and our very favourite…

“Iceland – I’m coming….”

So…. if you haven’t already, take the time to sit back, relax and be inspired….