Sometimes, on the road, help comes from the most unexpected places and our photographers  often return home from shoots with tales about the kindness of strangers.

During his shoot in Ho Chi Minh City, our photographer Jon Reid, asked the receptionist at his hotel if she could recommend a guide who could help him navigate the city.

Instead of passing him on to someone else, Tracy Tran offered to help him herself (even using up her annual leave) and the two of them ended up doing the entire shoot, just using her scooter.

As Jon himself said “if you’ve ever seen the traffic in Saigon, you’ll understand how miraculous it was that my dangling tripod and slider didn’t cause an accident.”

Jon said she wouldn’t accept any payment and that all she wanted was to help him show off her city in the best possible light.

The photos and videos have certainly done that and we wanted to give a big thanks to Tracy for going so far above and beyond the call of duty to help out.