We all know how far away Perth is from the rest of Australia. So, is it worth the trip? The latest photos from Matt Officen would suggest that this destination should definitely be on your bucket list.

From Perth’s finest food and breathtaking scenery to its futuristic architecture and friendly locals, Matt documented it all. We’re glad he did too, because he came home with some stunners!

Matt’s Perth highlights were the food and sunsets. His favourite from the trip was a sunset shot, captured through the ocean-facing windows of Indiana Restaurant, Cottesloe Beach.

Along with taking some tantalising images of this restaurant’s renowned dishes, he tried more of the region’s best offerings at other fine dining establishments. You really can’t look at these shots without starting to drool.

Matt is a sucker for sparkling ocean horizons, and the postcard-worthy seascapes in Western Australia are pretty hard to beat. He just couldn’t leave without taking some shots of Perth’s white sands and vivid blue shores.

We’re all extremely glad to have Matt on the Tourism Media team. If you’d like to see more of his fantastic work, check out his website at mattofficen.com.