One of the trickiest aspects of our goal to deliver spectacular photos from all around the world, is that the weather isn’t always our friend.

And in fact, according to Matt Cassidy, one of Tourism Media’s directors, that is exactly what sets our talented photographers apart from many others.

“Nearly anyone can take a good photo of somewhere beautiful when the sun is shining and golden,” he says. “What our photographers are brilliant at though, is taking awesome photos despite the weather.”

One of our cameramen is currently in Scotland and (no real surprises) he hasn’t had much sunshine. You’d never know it from the photos though.

Here’s the email he posted back to HQ.

Unfortunately, it’s been super wet. If I add all the sunny periods up, it will probably come to one day’s worth of sun. Hopefully, this doesn’t show in the pictures too much.

Apart from the weather, it’s been a very enjoyable trip. You usually only hear from me when something is going wrong, so I just want to remind you that I LOVE this job!