Not so long ago “High Definition” video was all the rage, the benchmark of quality. A video without the little HD symbol just wasn’t worth watching. Those days are now long gone and a new digital frontier of resolution is in full swing. Camera makers have been tirelessly pushing the resolution envelope, and while some have begun producing super large images, most have settled into the popular 4K image resolution.

In 2014 YouTube invited users to upload videos in 4K, becoming one of the first major platforms where users could watch content higher than standard HD. It’s taken a few years for smaller portable DSLR cameras to catch up to the technology, however, in 2016 some game-changing 4K cameras finally hit the market.

At Tourism Media, we believe higher resolutions and increased image quality will greatly enhance the quality of our travel videos, creating a more immersive experience. 
Over the last few weeks we’ve road-tested several types of 4K cameras, powerful, portable and robust enough to handle the rigors and challenging demands of travel photography. We then created several test videos to make sure the jump was going to be worth it.