Here at Tourism Media, we consider ourselves pretty clued in when it comes to geography. Six months ago, however, half our team had never heard of the tiny micro-republic of San Marino. Web developer Matty thought it was a local pizza joint, content strategist Ash exclaimed “oh, I looove that wine,” and even I have to sheepishly admit to thinking it was a second-rate lounge singer from the 1950s.

Tourism Media photographer, Ian, was scheduled for a one day shoot in San Marino, a mere side trip on an extensive multi-week Italian shoot that took in Tuscany, Umbria and Puglia. While preparing shoot notes for Ian’s trip, it quickly became apparent that San Marino, despite its petite size, punched well above its weight in history, beauty and serenity. Ian’s schedule was quickly amended and he spent three happy days exploring the rolling hills and battlements of Europe’s third smallest country, capturing images that made the entire TM office let out a collective, “bellissimo!”

So pull up a chair, grab a glass of red wine, and breathe in the magic of San Marino. It may be one of the world’s lesser-known destinations, but this tiny republic in the clouds now holds a significant place in Tourism Media’s heart.