Tourism Media’s Video Editor, Matthew Sawyer, lives, breathes, and talks film.

All film! From indie shorts to nature documentaries, from the high art of Citizen Kane, to the lowbrow depths of Pacific Rim, if the picture’s moving, Sawyer’s cinematographer eyes are on it.

Sawyer works long hours here at TM, making sure our cuts are seamless and our colour-grading is just so. When he’s not at his editing desk, he’s catching the latest releases and fueling up on popcorn in Brisbane’s cinemas, or out with dedicated colleagues creating their own films in this beautiful city of ours.

Since graduating from QUT’s film school in 2011, Sawyer has built up an impressive portfolio of music videos, short films and features, picking up an impressive swag of awards along the way. Just last week, The Bus Knight, an eight-minute short which Sawyer edited, scooped the pools at this year’s West End Film Festival. Check out the trailer below, which incidentally, features a scene shot right out the front of the TM office.

The film has also picked up the following awards:

Gold Coast Screen It Best Picture Award

Gold Coast Screen It  Audience Choice Award.

Capricorn Film Festival Audience Choice Award.

Back Yard Film Festival Audience Choice Award

We are very proud of Sawyer’s achievements and love watching his stature within the film community grow. But no matter how many awards he picks up, we know he saves his best work for us, and we’re sure the millions who watch our travel guides agree.

Here is the trailer: