Mark and Jan (our travel photographers currently traveling in South America) have had a big week and have sent back some photos to prove it  (as if we weren’t already jealous enough…)

Here are just some of the adventures they’ve had since we last heard from them.

They have:

  • both suffered from the affects of altitude sickness (4060m above sea level)
  • heard the silver miners of Potosi blasting using good ole dynamite
  • taken selfies with the locals
  • hopped into an unmarked taxi and then a shared taxi (with sacks of potatoes as well as their luggage in the boot) to drive 200 kms sitting beside an old man sneaking a swig of rum at 9am
  • visited two towns that the Dakar visits (apparently, its a boy thing… if you don’t know what it is here’s a link.
  • eaten Llama
  • caught 2 flights before 7 am
  • visited the infamous “train cemetery”
  • travelled through some amazing landscapes
  • hopped into the obligatory Toyota Landcruiser in the middle of the salt flat
  • scaled a cactus riddled island
  • both been sunburned, then endured cold and windy conditions to end a wonderful day

There’s plenty more photos coming but we thought you’d like a little taste of the amazing travel content we have coming soon.