Our talented production and post-production crew have been awarded Silver and Bronze prizes in this years Telly Awards! 

Tourism Media bagged a bunch of accolades at the 2019 Telly Awards, with our Jordan and Cape Town videos as standouts this year!

Our Cape Town Travel Guide reveals just how finely tuned our pre and post-production crews really are. As always, hours and hours of footage were meticulously planned, then expertly shot. But a deep personal connection to this beautiful part of the world may have had more to do with this video’s success. Editor, Matthew Sawyer explains, “Our Cape Town video was a real love letter by our Cinematographer, Jon Reid. A born and raised South African, his hard work on set made that video one of the best-looking shoots we’ve seen.”  

As soon as the footage was in, our gifted writers wasted no time bringing the videos to life. Scriptwriter John Danalis revealed, “The challenge when writing the Cape Town script was where to stop. After we covered the main attractions within the city, there was the stunning coastline to contend with – one ridiculously beautiful beach and picture-perfect coastal community after another. Then there was the fabulous wine region, which deserves an entire video all of its own.” 

John also authored our award-winning Jordan script, “Jordan has an epic 20,000-year human history imprinted with the footsteps of Moses, Cleopatra, The Romans, The Crusaders, and Laurence of Arabia. How to write a travel video that doesn’t descend into a dusty history lesson? Thankfully Jordan’s stunning landscapes, castles and hidden cities brings the past to life and makes it feel anything but boring.”

John’s handiwork made Matthew’s editing task a breeze, “Jordan was stunning. When I was editing this story together the flow found itself very quickly and the piece started to take spectacular shape.”

Bespoke background music and voice over added, the end results are captivating — and multi-award-winning — travel guides. Congratulations to the entire team!

2019 Telly Awards


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