Anyone who has visited Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, knows that despite its history of colonialism and conflict, there is a youthful enthusiasm and electric energy that flows through its chaotic streets day and night.

All of the components of this Vacation Travel Guide were designed to reflect that energy; from the script writing and music creation to the editing style.

According to Matthew Sawyer, Tourism Media’s Digital Expert, the creation of this travel guide presented some particular challenges.

“Our photographer only had a couple of days in the city and much of the best footage was taken at night time. We don’t always use so many night shots, but we loved the way they conveyed the energy of the city,” he says.

“Kathy Wilson, one of our script writers, was happy to work with these shots and then our in house composer, Jacquie Joy, took the script and an early version of the video and created the music that completes the whole picture.”

Here it is…