Recently our photo touchup artist and photographer Moe, set out on his very own adventure across the pacific to the island nation of Fiji. Landing at Nadi airport, Moe took his first few photographs of this amazing landscape, rich with great weather and filled with friendly locals. Our touchup artist took to the seas in a Malolo Cat and continued his own adventure into Musket Cove, it was then that he realised how rich and clear Fiji’s waters truly could be. From here Moe set out with only two things in his mind; to relax and have a blast doing it.

Here are his top 5 things to do in Fiji:

5. Snorkeling through the reefs off Malolo Island

Malolo island is an amazing place and the best way to truly discover its hidden treasures is to dive right in and swim through its ancient reef systems.

4. Island Hopping Tour

Mainland Fiji is surrounded by lots of tiny islands, each with its own picturesque beach and if you’re lucky, a fully serviced bar and restaurant. Head out onto the water on a tour and take in Fiji’s many island wonders.

3. Kava Experience

Kava is everywhere in Fiji, often served with meals at many of the island restaurant and bars. Fijians place a cultural importance on this psychedelic root, often served to guests and at important social and political gatherings. Take part in this ancient cultural tradition with friends, family or just smiling locals.

2. Parasailing off Musket Cove

Strap yourself in and take to the skies! Parasailing is a fantastic experience that cannot be missed. Fly through the air and glide over beautiful Musket Cove.

1. Cloud 9 Bar

Located along the Ro Ro Reef amid the Mamanuca Islands off Viti Levu floats Cloud 9. A floating 2 story bar and Italian wood-fired pizzeria surrounded by nothing but the blue waters of Fiji. Go for a swim then grab a drink and relax in the sun on this unforgettable floating paradise.

Fiji was one of the best places our photographer has visited and he is already eager to visit a second time… Ni Sa Moce, Fiji.