The life of an international photographer isn’t always as glamorous as it seems and sometimes, it is the little things that make all the difference.

Here’s an email in from Ian, one of our photographers who discovered a little bit of magic in a tiny town in New England…

Surprises abound out on the road.

It was late at night, I was heading to the next days location but decided it was time to pull over and sleep. I found myself in a little town called Skowhagen. Not much there but I did see a bright light with the magic words you look for late at night; “Vacancy”.

I pulled in, decided it was too late for dinner so just put my head on the pillow.

The hotel breakfast was a white bagel with peanut butter, which didn’t appeal so I headed down the main street in search of something else. I spotted a bakery sign, not even noticing it said Bankery rather than bakery at first, but pulled over and headed in.

I wandered in, not expecting too much but boy was I mistaken. Now I’ve eaten in bakeries and patisseries all through France, Italy and Austria, so I’m pretty hard to impress, but I quickly knew I was going to leave this sporting a big smile. I ordered a croissant and a danish, grabbed my goodies and headed out.

I was one bite into the danish and wow, I knew I was going back in there.  How could food of this standard exist in a little bakery in a little quiet town in the middle of nowhere?

So I head back in for a chat with the owners and suddenly it started to make sense.

Turns out it’s all about passion for this bakery.

They have farmer that grows their particular wheat and they have it milled their particular way.  Another farmer has a particular breed of cows who produce a particular type of milk and cream, in fact they source the very best in produce from wherever they need to go to find it. The lengths they go to to ensure their pastries meet their own exceptional standards in beyond anything I’ve seen before.

Well this little bakery in Skowhagen is now at the top of my list of favourites, I’m just bummed they choose to do it all 10,000km’s from where I live!