It started out in 2015 as a simple way to replace the boilerplate text on some of our clients’ lesser-known destination pages. Not long after, our automated text content creator grew into a method of generating extremely large volumes of accurate, engaging and SEO-friendly travel copy.

At Tourism Media, we call this Enigma.

Using a home-grown and ever-evolving CMS – along with a specialised team of writers and editors – we’ve created a system that can generate masses of copy for a select group of clients. Enigma can enlighten readers about breathtaking tourist attractions, unforgettable experiences, exotic meals and local ingredients; it can recommend the best budget and upmarket accommodations, and assist with many other aspects of the travel experience.

Not to mention, Enigma can generate this copy for any and all destinations in the world, from bustling megacities to rural hubs – from coastal resorts to dusty, isolated towns.

It all started out with spreadsheets, data, some custom algorithms, and a wing and a prayer. Fortunately, this yielded surprisingly good results.

Over the last two years we’ve had to invent new methods of writing and copyediting; we’ve created new CMS tools and harvested data from all over the world. We’ve overcome countless less-than-desirable copy outputs and expanded from just English to supporting more than 20 languages.

The road ahead will bring more and more improvements as we strive to perfect a method of content building that can be tailored to any style and audience.

To learn more, get in touch and we can provide you with examples and discuss your specific needs.